You cannot expect different results doing the same thing over and over again.


Sometimes stores realize their own sales and promotions just don't have a big impact. As more and more big-box stores open up in their neighborhoods, it gets harder and harder to compete. These big corporations have an extensive advertising budget, enormous buying power, and aggressive pricing. They are slowly chipping away at your market share and your customer base.

Some retailers think loans are the solution to help them grow and compete. However, in most cases, additional debt causes more problems without solving the underlying issues and roadblocks that continue to plague their businesses.

Many owners have tired business models that can no longer compete in today's highly competitive retail marketplace. And you cannot expect different results by doing the same thing you’ve been doing for years, no matter how much money you put into the business.

Our cash-raising event can help you:

  1. Compete with big-box stores

  2. Turn stale inventory into cash

  3. Relieve financial pressure

  4. Raise funds to pursue more opportunities

  5. Produce profitable results that last into the future

Many retailers think the only time to have a high impact sale is when a store is going out of business or in financial trouble. But the truth is, a well-performed event can be highly successful in any situation. ​

A promotional event can help an already-profitable store double or triple its normal sales volume and create more funds to grow and expand. It can boost cash flow to help owners remodel, reorganize, or relocate. It can raise funds to pay off debt, avoid financial hardship – even save a store from going out of business.


While crisis is often the motivation for a high impact sale, the best time to run one is when the store is not forced to. Owners make more mistakes when making decisions in desperation. Promotional sales are more successful when owners are able to think through their goals and plan ahead to achieve them.


We Create Excitement.

A high impact sale is not the typical sale owners are accustomed to running on their own. Successful high impact events have unique characteristics and use a physiological approach that is different from a regular retail sales event.​


A cash-raising event can inject some high voltage into a plodding, faltering store's performance and image. Through effective advertising and marketing, we can bring high energy and excitement to a store with huge sales and profit potential. 

We individually assess each store and build a marketing theme around its unique situation. Our events are designed to enhance the store’s image and present it in a positive light. Advertising is done online, through traditional media, and utilizes unique and unconventional advertising. The positive outcome will well exceed the advertising dollars spent.

Our company takes a consultative approach to help your business thrive in the long run. We equip you with proven business strategies that can help you succeed for the future. We show you ways to increase and retain a customer base and help you target those valuable clients. 


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