You only have one chance to

go out of business.

If permanently closing your store is the best option for you, High Impact Management can help you terminate your business and liquidate your entire inventory as efficiently and profitably as possible.


Going out of business is the most powerful message in the retail industry, and it can trigger a buying frenzy in any marketplace. As a going-out-of-business sale specialist, we channel that message to tap in on the huge income potential. Profits earned from a going-out-of-business sale can provide owners the financial means to pursue other goals or ensure a comfortable retirement.

Reasons for Going Out of Business:

  • Retirement

  • Change of ownership

  • Change of name and business entity

  • Pursuit of other ventures or careers

  • Termination of lease

  • Bankruptcy 

Whatever the reason, we make sure the going-out-of-business sale pays you substantially. A G.O.B. event can last between 90 and 150 days. The results from a G.O.B. event can be very impressive, and High Impact Management will help you maximize its full potential. A successful G.O.B. event can generate one to two years’ worth of sales volume in 90 days or less.

We will convert your inventory into cash by selling your entire stock and clearing the floor in a timely manner. We make sure we safeguard your hard-earned reputation in your community. Our company works strictly on a commission basis, and often there is no out-of-pocket investment needed to start a G.O.B. event.  

Store Empty

Our key ingredients to success


We evaluate your current inventory, make recommendations, and bring in additional inventory to maximize profits. We utilize our vast resources and vendors to increase buying power. Most additional inventory can be brought in through consignment.


Our advertising campaign brings high customer traffic to your store and builds a sense of urgency to trigger a buying frenzy. We can accommodate a prolonged going-out-of-business event to help you sell everything in your store while keeping your reputation in your community intact.

Our High Impact Sales Team

Our company is comprised of highly experienced professionals who understand the furniture industry and know how to optimize a G.O.B. event. We will be onsite for the duration of the event to ensure success and maximize profits. Our sales team will be at your store from the beginning to plan and set goals, and then execute the plan and achieve the goals with the utmost professionalism.

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