Our services begin with careful analysis and proper planning. And through correct execution we can produce a highly successful event.

Here is how it works.


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Free Consultation


Our company provides an absolutely free consultation. With a thorough analysis of your business, we can provide you with a true and calculated sales projection and devise a customized game plan for your high impact promotion. Our company works strictly on a commission basis, and in most cases, there is little to no out-of-pocket investment needed to begin any of our services/promotions. We can show you how effective an event can be, and we only recommend our services if we think it will be financially advantageous to your business.

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Our team of experts will evaluate your current inventory and floor displays and make recommendations to improve your product offerings and store layout.


Often, stores need additional merchandise to accommodate the high influx of traffic and meet the demands of new customers brought in by our high impact advertising. We utilize our vast resources and vendors to supplement your existing inventory and vendors. We bring in merchandise that is in high demand, is in line with currently trending styles, and is highly competitive in price point, while blending with the theme of your business. Much of the new inventory can be brought in through consignment basis.


We will help set up your store to be visually enticing and help trigger potential customers into making a buying decision. We will tag all merchandise in a uniform manner that delivers a consistent message throughout the entire store. Merchandising and proper tagging is critical to a successful event.

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High Impact Management’s main objective is to create high traffic and bring qualified customers into your store. We utilize a variety of marketing media to communicate to a vast audience. Our powerful marketing and advertising campaigns create a sense of urgency and stimulate the mass market. We design an effective marketing campaign to fit the length of your event (can range from as little as 60 days and can go beyond 150 days.) We understand the importance of preserving our client’s reputation, and we implement advertising strategies that will keep our client’s image intact in the community.


Our company is experienced in the most up-to-date media choices. We utilize all advertising/marketing modes available, whether it be traditional TV and newspaper ads or online and digital marketing strategies. An advertising budget is allotted based on sales volume from week to week. We track advertising dollars to gauge the efficiency of each advertising mode. We then concentrate on the methods that produce the highest results at the most efficient rate.

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High Impact Sales Team


High Impact Management will bring in a project manager and team of sales consultants who will remain onsite for the duration of the event. They will oversee daily operations and work with your staff to ensure a successful event. They will extend their product knowledge and sales techniques to ensure a high closing percentage and higher profit margin. They will also make visual-merchandising recommendations to entice customers into making a purchase.


Our experienced sales manager will focus on advertising from week to week and make sure it is effective in bringing more customer traffic to your store. The sales manager will also provide daily and weekly sales and profitability reports. These reports will give the business owner a detailed and accurate breakdown of sales, profit margin, and advertising percentage allocated. It is important to our company to evaluate each week’s performance and make constant improvements and adjustments quickly and efficiently to ensure progress and to maximize profits.


Our sales team will use their experience, strategies, and resources to train your staff onsite during the event. We will ensure everyone works together toward a successful event that achieves the goals of the owner.