Niche Product + High Quality = Huge Profits

Real wood stores are a real niche in the furniture industry. They offer high-quality, custom furniture at very reasonable price points. There is not much competition from big-box stores, and there are very few competing stores in the same market. However, we have seen a huge decline in this industry in the past 20 years, and because of it, people are less aware of the wonderful products these stores offer.


High Impact Management knows the real wood furniture industry very well and we know how to promote it. Our most successful high impact events have been with real wood stores, and every event held at these stores has exceeded expectations and goals.

Our key ingredients for success



Real wood stores sell a niche product. With proper marketing, these products can attract numerous customers. High Impact Management will implement an aggressive advertising campaign, which will promote the quality of this kind of product and drive in high customer traffic.


Expert Sales Consultants


Our sales team is highly experienced in selling real wood furniture, including unfinished wood, custom wall units and bookcases, Amish furniture, and different wood types and finishes. We can help educate your customers on the quality, uniqueness, and benefits of these products. And by implementing our selling system and techniques, we can turn customers into buyers.


Proven Sales Techniques


Our team can teach real wood store owners how to use different sales methods, improve their image, and tweak their business model. We can also show them how to expand their product offerings to become more than just a specialty store. We can help them become a high caliber furniture store and with it, reach a broader audience.



Real wood stores have a huge income potential with their product offering, and our company can show these stores how to maximize profits by exploiting the industries uniqueness and quality.


Our high impact events can run from 60 days to 150 days. Our team will remain onsite for the duration of the event and work with the owner and staff to meet goals. A successful event can create one to two years’ worth of sales volume in 90 days or less.

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