Exceeding your expectations is our goal.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the High Impact Management team for coordinating a very successful liquidation and store closing event. I owned a solid wood unfinished furniture store and after 15 years decided to close. I had received a good recommendation about High Impact Management and made the decision to hire them to assist me. I was impressed with their knowledge of the products and the effectiveness of the process. Not only did the sale exceed our expectations, but also every member of the team was conscientious, pleasant to work with and we had a very successful sale. The manager and the team gave 100% right through until the last day.

I would recommend High Impact Management to anyone for an efficient and effective liquidation and/or store closing sale.

Nicola from Wood You Furniture, West Palm Beach, FL

$700,000 in sales in 20 week event

We shopped around for a furniture promotional company. We used a company couple years before and we were not pleased with their job. We felt like they missed a lot of opportunities and weren’t closing as much customers as we anticipated. So we wanted a company that could deliver results.


High Impact Management was it. They were far more superior to the previous company we used. Their manager and sale people where young and very good sales people. Not like the old and dull sales people from the other company. High Impact Management produced results, week after week. We saw a dip in sales after about a month with the other company. Wish we had used High Impact Management then. By far the best furniture promotional company in the business.

Connie from Discount Furniture Center, Henderson, NC

$500,000 in sales in 17 week event

We were really nervous at first. We didn’t know what to expect. At first we didn’t know what we were walking into and if we did the right thing, hiring a liquidator. We asked around and we heard both bad and good stories. Had many sleepless nights before the sale. But from the jump-start, the sale was absolutely successful. These guys knew their stuff and they made things happen. Our parking lots was full every weekend and our warehouse was so packed with sold goods we had a hard time moving around back there. And we have a huge warehouse.


The event was very successful and we have a hefty cushion for retirement. I regret not knowing about High Impact Management during our long years in the business and wish that we had used them a lot earlier. I would highly recommend the company and trust them to do a great job.”

Lynn from Sawmill, Beaumont, TX

$2.2 million in sales in 21 week event

Man, it was like a Wal-Mart at our store! I never saw so much traffic come through the door. And this happened week after week. And the numbers were absolutely phenomenal. Unbelievable.

Michael from Nature Furniture, Baton Rouge, LA

$1.2 million in sales in 22 week event

We have used High Impact Management for many promotional sale at our store. We have used different furniture liquidation companies in the past but no company pays attentions to details like High Impact Management. And the company has the best sales people by far. And they are very nice people and respects my way of doing business.

Sharma from Home Design Furniture, Gaithersburg, MD

$500,000 in sales in 18 week event

We had a very successful closing sale and we made enough money to plan for our retirement.

Margaret from AJ’s Unfinished Furniture, Cocoa, FL

$700,000 in sales in 20 week event

These guys are awesome! They took full advantage of our store closing and made us a lot of money. I was able to walk away from the store with nothing left and they made sure every piece of inventory was sold.

We had a really bad experience with another liquidation company and we actually lost money when we did a promotional sale. But High Impact Management were the best! The company really watched out for our interest and the well being of the store. At the end we were very happy that we made the right choice.

Matt from Comforts of Home Furniture, Niles, IL

$850,000 in sales in 16 week event

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